2018 Registration is now open

The WILDCAT YOUTH FOOTBALL CLUB is a member of the Great Lakes Youth Football League. The goal of our club and the other clubs belonging to the GLYFL is to develop a quality, educational youth football experience.  Youngsters age 7 through 12 are eligible to participate in the Wildcat Youth Football Club and learn the fundamentals of football, sportsmanship and team spirit.  Seventh graders are not eligible to play football in the WYFC regardless of birth date. 
The following are the specific age and weight restrictions required for all players.  Ages are determined based upon your child’s age on June 1, 2018.  All weight limits include protective leg equipment, which weighs about 5 pounds.  There are no exceptions to these age and weight requirements: 
Varsity           Ages 10 - 12                165 LB maximum              
Jr. Varsity      Ages 8 - 10                  145 LB maximum                   
Freshman      Ages 7 and under        125 LB maximum
The age divisions are set by the WRYFL and any player placement not listed must be approved at the league level.      
ACT NOW TO JOIN THE WILDCAT YOUTH FOOTBALL CLUB.   Registration for new families is for residents of the Mayfield City School District only (H.H., M.H., M.V. and G.M.)  Non-resident registrations (except those who currently belong to the WYFC) will not be admitted to the club.  Registration is only accepted when fees are paid and ALL FORMS ARE COMPLETED.  Any registration received after July 1st will be charged the late sign up fee and will be put on a waiting list.  The WYFC does not guarantee participation in the program after the registration deadline.  You must be a club member to play for the WILDCAT YOUTH FOOTBALL CLUB. 

Parental involvement is required during the season, see Volunteer Policy on the website for further information regarding involvement.


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2018 Registration Packet (for reference)